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Praedo is Your Premier Partner For Online and Live Mortgage Education

As your partner in online and live mortgage education, Praedo provides all of the resources and solutions you’ll ever need… all in one place. Use the Course Finder below to find the one that’s right for you, or explore the links on the right to learn more.

At Praedo, we offer online courses for mortgage loan originator pre-licensing, exam prep, compliance and mortgage continuing education. Complete your mortgage license required hours in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace with our online classroom accessible via your desktop, tablet or mobile devices. Start your new career as a mortgage loan originator professional today!

Praedo's Mortgage Courses Are

Online and available 24/7: With 24/7 access to your mortgage courses, you can work on your classes anytime, anywhere, and at your own pace.

Cost effective: Our courses are designed priced to save you money.

Updated Regularly: We update your courses to stay on the cutting edge of the mortgage industry requirements for pre-licensing and continuing education.

State and Non-State Specific: Our courses have materials designed for the laws and regulations of each state and are approved by each state’s appropriate department/commission.

Efficient: Our online mortgage classes have one of the highest first time pass rates on the market!

Designed by Industry Experts: All of Praedo’s online real estate courses are created and designed by instructional experts who also have real world experience in the mortgage industry so you can be sure you are learning from the best materials on the market. 

The Preferred Choice!

Praedo’s online mortgage courses for pre-licensing, exam prep, compliance and continuing education are the preferred choice for some of the largest mortgage agencies in the nation.

I found the material to be just right - Very good training and the course was just what I needed. Addy A., Happy Praedo Alumni
I was surprised by how well prepared I was based on the material in the course. I wouldn't change a thing. Denise P., Happy Praedo Alumni
I didn't notice anything that wasn't covered. I felt very prepared. Ainsley C., Happy Praedo Alumni
I felt the course fully prepared me for the test. Robert C., Happy Praedo Alumni
After 13 years of being in the industry this was the best online continuing ed I have ever done. I highly recommend this company. If you got an an answer wrong it actually showed you the correct answer. It is amazing how many courses don't show you the answers you get incorrect. Thank you Colton W., Happy Praedo Alumni
From start to finish the site was very easy to navigate through. Unlike most others the slides do not freeze. I would highly recommend this company. Cody P., Happy Praedo Alumni
Very user friendly and completely geared to the "online" user. I not only benefitted from the experience educationally, I found them to be an excellent and reasonable provider whom I would recommend without reservation. Edward H., Happy Praedo Alumni

Ready to start your career as a mortgage loan officer?

A mortgage loan originator (MLO), or mortgage loan officer, assists people who are needing a mortgage.

Residential: Residential mortgage originators specialize in helping their customers purchase a home. Residential mortgage officers also can assist with second mortgages, home equity lines of credit, or refinancing of mortgages.

Commercial: Commercial mortgage originators can assist in purchasing or refinancing commercial real estate, which entails it's own set of unique processes.

What can I do with my mortgage loan originator license?

Once you become a licensed mortgage loan originator, you can be employed by a number of organizations. Mortgage officers often work on-site, at their employer's location, but can also function as outside originators who spend most of their time away from the office marketing and connecting with other real estate professionals.

There are many ways to make money as a mortgage officer, and even if you start out slow and build up your business as your experience grows, becoming a mortgage officer is an endeavor well worth the effort and time it takes to become successful. 

Mortgage Officer Education Online

Responsibilities of a Loan Officer

A mortgage loan originator (or loan officer) is usually the consumer's first point of contact in the real estate buying process. They assist the borrower in determining the proper loan program that fits the borrowers income and needs. This includes completing the loan application and gathering the necessary paperwork, including pay stubs, tax returns and bank statements, to begin the loan process. A credit report is obtained and analyzed by the loan officer. During the mortgage loan process, the mortgage originator communicates with the appraiser, title officer, escrow officer, loan processor and underwriter.


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Mortgage Loan Originator Classes

Education Requirements to Become a Loan Officer

The federal Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act (SAFE Act) requires all mortgage loan originators to take at least 20 hours of pre-license educational courses, which include:

  • Mortgage principles
  • Mortgage loan origination
  • Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA)
  • Homeowner's Protection Act (HPA)
  • Truth in Lending Act (TILA)
  • Privacy laws
  • Fair lending laws
  • Loan process and underwriting
  • In addition, states may add their own requirements

Federal law also includes passing the SAFE MLO test, a written examination that satisfies any state and federal test requirements. A mortgage originator may complete the written examination prior to taking the educational courses. Most employers require the educational courses and tests to be competed prior to employment. In addition to the pre-license education, continuing education is also required annually.